Z11 business-edition, Shop-modul

  • The Zeta11 is beautiful, thanks!
    How can I change the language of the fixed texts in an online shop? I have looked in the attributes, but do not find it. I need English and Greek?
    Kind regards v

  • Hi,

    could you please specify which specific Text you mean? Could you provide an example?

    It may well be, that some of the text is hardcoded in the PHP code and can currently not be changed.

  • Hi Stefan,
    I am referring to these texts which would need to be translated for eg an English language webshop, ex.:

    Preis: 3,99 EUR
    inkl. USt. zzgl. Versandkosten

    Zum Warenkorb hinzufügen

    Es befinden sich keine Artikel in Ihrem Warenkorb.

  • Hi there,

    yes, unfortunately, most of these Strings are hardcoded and can't be changed. We'll definitively work on the Shop-Module for a future Version which would also include making it much more configurable than it currently is. That is something however which we can't fix overnight and it'll take some time.

    Generally, we don't offer an English Version of Zeta Producer 11 anymore. The UI might run in English but you might discover sprinkles of german throughout the software in widgets e.g.

  • Hi Stefan,
    Thanks for your answer. Hopefully I can use the shop module in a later version.
    I miss the English version but have been using the German version for a while now in Zeta10. (With my dictionary nearby :-))
    Up to now I have found ways to change the German into English/Greek/Danish which are the languages I use.
    Kind regards

  • Hi Vibbe,

    your wrote you use a german version of ZP10. I don't know wether that was a typo, but ZP10 was available in english too (the restrictions to the shop module still apply though).