Stripe responsive - mobile header scaling

  • Hello,
    Du you have some advice for making the header scale ok for mobile portrait and landscape. It looks ok when I check responsive layouts on my desktop, but not on Samsung Galaxy phone. On ipad mini portrait it is ok. I have ZP 12 business.
    I have general width 1200, kopfgrafik 960*300.
    I put some transparent text in the header to keep the height, but still it 'cuts' in each side.
    I have some test examples here
    Thanks for any advice.
    Kind regards vibeke

  • Hello,

    please Specify the Operating System and Version as well as which Browser (and Version) you are using on your phone.

  • PS: could you maybe make a screenshot on the phone which illustrates the problem and upload it here as an attachment?

  • Hi,

    the mobile screenshot was taken in Portrait-Mode, right? Looks correct to me.
    Attached are two screenhots showing how the site look on an iphone in landscape and portrait. Your screenshot looks similar than the iPhonePortrait.png to me.

    What would you expect there to look different in your phone screenshot?

  • Hi Steffen, Thanks, Yes my mobile screenshot was taken in portrait.

    Well, I imagined that there would be some scaling so that all the header could show.

  • Hi,

    with this Layout "Stripe Responsive", the header image will always be scaled, so it fills (and is centered) the entire header-area. Playing with the "Breite" and "Höhe" Values in the "Kopfgrafik"-Section of the Layout-Settings might achieve what you need. Otherwise, you must probably pick one of the other Responsive Layouts like e.g. "Producer Responsive" which has a Kopfgrafik-Setting to either scale or center the header.