Main menu levels - Menüebenen

  • Dear Zeta,

    I maintain a site with theme Clean style, not the responsive version.
    I want to add one more level in the main menu which I can do in the program and it shows in the breadcrumb but it does not show in the menu.

    EX (I copy the breadcrumb:) SAIA / Struttura Amministrativa (the existing levels)
    and I can add one more page SAIA / Struttura Amministrativa / Contrattazione integrativa (the last does not show in the main menu, I made a link to it on the page on the level above)

    So my question is: how many menu levels are allowed? It is different from template to template?

    I have ZP13 Premium version
    Kind regards Vibeke

  • Hello,

    yes, this can differ from Layout to Layout. With Clean style (non responsive), it seems to be limited to 2 levels deep. I suggest you either Switch to "Clean style Responsive" or place the Widget "Untermenü" on all Level 2 Pages which have sub-pages (Level 3 and greater).

  • Thank you very much for your immediate response and your advice. As far as I can see the Clean Style Responsive has the same menu levels as the Clean Style. Maybe you will consider changing this in the future.
    Kind regards